Greyson Chance in Singapore 2011!!

Greyson Chance just tweeted that he will be coming to Singapore on top of Kuala Lumpur!!

No details yet. Watch this space!!

[Update | 26 October 2011]

So Greyson Chance will be here for a showcase on 13 November 2011, 7pm at St James Powerstation. This is a SingTel AMPed event so yeah, you have to download Greyson’s songs from SingTel AMPed to get tickets and the top 10 downloaders will get to meet Greyson Chance in person!

The promo starts 24 Oct 2011 and ends 6 Nov 2011.

Go to SingTel AMPed’s site for more details.

[Update | 1 November 2011]

Here’s the word: the show is ALL AGES!! Rejoice!!

Also, you can enter the showcase by showing a copy of Greyson Chance’s album “Hold On Till The Night”. Please double check in-store if the album is eligible for entry to the showcase. Finally, one album admits one person.

[Update | 2 November 2011]

Universal Music Singapore just confirmed on their facebook page that the show is for ALL AGES.

They now specify that the album should be the International/South East Asia version. It however will only be available at all CD stores from 4 November 2011 onwards. This version contains an additional track called “Running Away”. On the back of the CD, there is a fine print stating the CD is “Marketed and Distributed in South East Asia only”.

To the fans who have already bought the earlier version, I’d say that you should just show up anyway and try to see if they let you in. A lot of the times, if there’s space in the venue after everyone has gone in, they’d let you in. After all, the more the merrier.

[Update | 4 November 2011]

It has just been announced that there will be an autograph signing session by Greyson Chance on 14 November 2011, 7 pm at Bugis Junction (where the fountain is)! The same CD you bought for the showcase will entitle you to join the queue to get your CD autographed by Greyson Chance!

Also, if you bought your album from CD Rama, you will get a coupon to join the priority queue for the autograph session. And because they are nice people, they’re throwing in a poster which you can get Greyson to autograph on!

What are you waiting for?

[Update | 5 November 2011]

The good news doesn’t stop coming. At 5pm on 14 November 2011, Greyson Chance would be doing a “Take A Photo” session at HMV.

Do take note that only the South East Asia version of the CD bought from HMV will be entitled to a coupon for the “Take A Photo” session. The photo will be taken by an official photographer and will be uploaded to the Universal Music Singapore facebook page the next day.

That said, I think the best option is to buy the CD from HMV since it allows you to attend the showcase, autograph session and the photo session. Buying from CD Rama only allows you to attend the showcase and the autograph session.

[Update | 11 November 2011]

Since someone asked, just thought that I should just update this post to mention that the “Take a Photo” session is happening at the HMV in Marina Square (It’s new)! Don’t go to the one at 313@Sommerset! Spread the word to all the Enchancers who are going.

I believe the CD that you buy from any HMV would entitle you to the coupon. Double check at the cashier/the staff before you pay. 🙂

15 thoughts on “Greyson Chance in Singapore 2011!!

  1. Will there be an age limit? Because I am not yet 18 and I’m not sure if I am allowed to enter St. James Powerstation.

  2. Hey , I have purchased greyson chance’s hold on til’ the night one month before and I would like to have the ticket , can I still get it ? But what would I have to do with the album ? Thanks

    1. From the way they write on the singtelAMP page, it seems like it’s 1… U should check with them if you need confirmation.

  3. If I were to get the message from them that I have received free tickets for the private showcase this Sunday, does that mean I’m one of the top 10 downloaders? So I get to meet Greyson is person?

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