Syndicate at TAB Singapore

Last Friday night, we went to TAB for a private showcase of a Sydney-side band called Syndicate.

To be really honest, I had no idea who the heck they were.  I thought that since we agreed to go to the show to lend some support to our friend who organized the whole thing, I should at least find out who are these people.

So when we got to TAB, I was quite surprised to find out how private the event was. There wasn’t a lot of people there at all. Perhaps 50 or less. #honoured. Also, us being “stalkerazzi”s, we cajoled our friend into letting us meet the band before the show and he relented by bringing us into the green room where they were waiting. Hahaha.

Syndicate (L-R) Matt, Greg, Kris, Jason

We had a chat with the guys before the show and man they are hilarious. Haha. We were just chilling out and Greg was telling us about the cows who were sliding down a sleet/iced-over slope. After being bullshitted by them (mostly Greg) a few times, I’m taking everything that they’re saying with a pinch of salt… until they make a video of the cows. Hahaha. :p

Anyway, when they took to the stage, I must admit that I was kinda shocked. They were INSANE on stage! Jason was a beast on the drums and Kris was like Carlos Santana on the guitar, complete with a bandanna and hat to finish the look. (Well at least he looked like Carlos Santana from where I was standing and the low lighting at the venue.)

Syndicate on stage

Watching them on stage, I could totally see why they got to tour with Alice Cooper and Slash. Totally deserving. Skills-wise, they definitely can measure up. No doubt about that.

Check out their Australian #1 hit single “Shout”:

And this song I like called “All My Life”:

PS: The videos don’t do the guys justice. You NEED to watch them live.

I’m hearing that they’ll be doing an American tour in 2012. I’m so excited for them!! Good job and good luck guys!

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