Mosaic Music Festival 2012

Mark your calendars! The Mosaic Music Festival is back and it’s going to happen from 9 – 18 March 2012 at various venues at the Esplanade.

For now, names like Elbow, Architecture in Helsinki, Toe, Yuna and Los Campesinos have been named to play at the Mosaic Music Festival 2012 with many more still to be announced!

Watch this space!

[Update | 30 November 2011]

The official Mosaic Music Festival page has been updated with the exact dates and acts who are performing at the Mosaic Music Festival. You can access the page here.

Tickets will on on sale from 8 December 2011 onwards at Sistic.

3 thoughts on “Mosaic Music Festival 2012

  1. Hi there! I was just wondering where you got this information regarding who’s performing from? I am a HUGE elbow fan and would very much like to freak out having knowledge of them coming to singapore for a performance but I don’t want to freak out then discover it was just based on hearsay then have my emotions crushed into little itty bitty pieces. So yes, that’s my question. Cool website by the way 🙂 Thanks!

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