Born This Way Ball Bangkok 2012

I know I don’t usually post about concert around the region but this is different, since I can’t get tickets to the Born This Way Ball in Singapore, I’m going to head over to Bangkok to catch the Born This Way Ball… assuming that I can get tickets for the show there that is.

It was just announced that Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Ball will happen on 25 May 2012 at the Rajamangla National Stadium.

The stadium has a sitting capacity of 49k+ so it shouldn’t be as crazy a rush as our Singapore Indoor Stadium (capacity of 10k if they use all 4 sides of the seats) right? Here’s hoping… and wish me luck!!

Anyway, tickets priced in baht are 1500, 2500, 3500, 4500 & 7000. They go on sale at 10am (TH) at all ThaiTicketMajor outlets.

Call (66) 2262-3838 or visit or for more information.

Hashtag: #BTWBallBKK

[Update | 18 March 2012]

So I still can’t get tickets to the Born This Way Ball in Bangkok. Dammit! It seems like I am not fated to watch Lady Gaga in concert this time around! Why?!?

Sad face.

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