David Cook Live in Singapore 2012

So David Cook will be performing at ION Orchard on 25 October 2012. While there are no details yet, I think it is going to be part of ION Orchard’s anniversary celebrations, like how they brought in Blue last year. (The experience last year can be found here.)

I’ll try to update about this event as much as I can since I’m going to be out of Singapore then.

[17 October 2012 | update]

David Cook’s performance at ION Orchard is at 6.30 pm. I’m not very sure where so just go look for a crowd/stage setup. 🙂 It shouldn’t be too hard to spot.

There is an autograph session at {Prologue} at Level 4 in ION Orchard after his performance.

To get a pass to join the queue for the autograph session, you need to buy David Cook’s self-titled debut album or the new one “This Loud Morning” from CD-RAMA or {Prologue} to get a pass.

Please check with the staff that they still have a pass before you buy it… otherwise it’ll be pointless right?

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