Autograph Giveaway: 10 November 2012 (Orianthi)

Okay, I’m starting to lose track of the days (not that I was very good at knowing what day it is in the first place). So if I miss a week to give an autograph away or something, please forgive me ok?

The autograph that’s up for a giveaway this week is: Orianthi!

Just post in the comment below and tell me that you want it and include a reason why you like Orianthi as well. I’m just going to mail it to the first commenter. I’m asking for a reason this time coz I’m curious. 🙂

This is open to everyone worldwide. You don’t have to post any of your contact details with your answer. If you sign in with your email/twitter/facebook, I will be able to see the information and I’ll contact you to let you know how to send me your address information.

2 thoughts on “Autograph Giveaway: 10 November 2012 (Orianthi)

  1. hi , my name is andy from singapore, please let me have the autograph . i support her since i watch michael jackson’s this is it movie.

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