Aaron Kwok Flight and Appearance Details in Singapore 2012 for the Cold War Movie Promo

In case anyone is interested, Aaron Kwok would be in town next week to do some whirlwind promotional work for his latest movie “Cold War”.

When I say whirlwind, I mean it.

Aaron Kwok is flying into Singapore on 14 November 2012 at noon on BR225 from Taipei.

Later in the evening on the same day, he is making an appearance at Square 2 at 7 pm. It should be a short appearance because he will also walk the red carpet at the gala premiere of Cold War in Singapore at GV Vivocity at 8.30 pm (where he will obviously be a bit late).

Aaron Kwok then flies back to Hong Kong on 15 November 2012 on SQ872 (Terminal 3), scheduled to depart at 3.05 pm. By experience, they usually arrive just about 1.5 ~ 2 hours before the scheduled flight departure time. This means you’ll have to arrive way before that to pick out a spot to wait for him.

That said, good luck and have fun!

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