Super Junior Choi Siwon filming Lord of the Drama in Hongdae Seoul 2012

As I have tweeted before and I will say it again: it must be fate which wanted me to be within an arm’s length from the (one of the current) love of my (fangirl) life, Super Junior’s Choi Siwon.

Initially, I had wanted to fly out of Seoul on 18 November 2012 but I couldn’t get a flight out and had to stay for an extra night in Seoul. As fate would have it, on the morning of 18 November 2012, I saw this:

Needless to say, I started screaming in the hotel room. LOL. My original plan was to head down to Insadong again for a proper look at the place but after seeing this tweet, I was like, screw it. I HAVE TO SEE SIWON!

Siwon did make another tweet that it was supposed to be 8.30 pm instead of 10.30 pm so as with all other stalks, I knew I had to get there as early as I can since I wasn’t familiar with the place (this is my first trip ever to Seoul) and I can’t speak enough Korean to save my life.

When I got there at almost 8 pm, there were already a few hundred fans who were gathered at Exit 8. From all my experience, I knew it was just a meeting point and not really where the actual filming will take place.

Fortunately, I managed to chat with 4 fans from China who were nice enough to hold a spot for me while I go snoop around the area; just in case Siwon was round some corner drinking coffee. LOL.

Filming location
Filming location

My guess of the filming location was correct and from the hand gestures of the producers, I also managed to guess correctly that Siwon will film something outdoors and inside the yoghurt cafe.

Siwon showed up at about 9.30 pm (KST) sharp and the crowd just went mad!! There was a lot of pushing and shoving as people tried to get a glimpse of Siwon. I was actually pushed quite near to the front and was just centimetres away from being able to touch Siwon. I didn’t touch him of coz since I know it would have caused a security issue in the already big mess. (But it was really, really tempting though coz he has such a hot bod!)

There were times where Siwon actually looked a bit scared and worried at the way the crowd was pushing and shoving. He actually told the crowd to calm down a few times as well. Fortunately, no one was injured or hurt from all the pushing and shoving.

Siwon actually did great during the outdoor filming. He didn’t NG at all. He did take a bit longer during the filming inside the cafe though. I didn’t bother to squeeze into the crowd to see what was taking them so long.

When Siwon finally left the cafe at about 10.30 pm (KST), he went to greet someone by the side of the cafe before trying to run off to avoid the crowd. LOL. I actually could tell that he was pretending and was trying to make a quick and sudden getaway; ie his acting is still not very good.

However, it didn’t work very well and the crowd surged over and in an instant, Siwon got mobbed again. I got caught in the crowd as well and was pushed and shoved into a position where I am close enough to put a note within Siwon’s line of sight and he grabbed the note out of my hand. Haha. Achievement. #cheapthrill.

Seriously, Siwon is just so perfect; tall, handsome, kind, funny, generous and so on and so on. If you think he is handsome in the photos, he is even better looking in person. (ok ok, I am very biased I know…)

Anyway, here are the rest of the photos that turned out well from my (delusional) date with Siwon at Hongdae:

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