MTV Sessions with Greyson Chance @ Waterfront Studios, RWS

Greyson Chance was in town recently to record an installment of the MTV Sessions for MTV Asia at the Waterfront Studio in Resorts World Sentosa.

MTV Sessions with Greyson Chance © MTV AsiaLee Lay Na
MTV Sessions with © MTV Asia/Lee Lay Na

I must say that it was the longest recording of MTV Sessions EVER. It was 1 hour and 40 minutes!! I’m pretty sure all the Enchancers aren’t complaining though I did see some people leaving before the recording was completed because it was getting late.

Also, before I give you the low down of the recording session, I need to emphasize this: DO NOT THROW ANYTHING ON STAGE EVER. It is fine to pass stuff to the artist while they’re on stage between songs but DO NOT throw it!! It is a nice and cozy environment so don’t abuse the intimate setting and ruin things for other fans!

MTV Sessions with Greyson Chance © MTV Asia/Lee Lay Na
MTV Sessions with Greyson Chance © MTV Asia/Lee Lay Na

Another point, it was specifically stated that no photography and recording of any sort was allowed but many people were openly flouting the instructions. If you take one or two photos with your smart phone, it is not so bad but a good bulk of people were practically recording the whole thing. There was actually someone who was holding up an iPad to record a song; blocking the camera as a result. Such disrespect.

Still, all the fangirl problems aside, it was still a very fun recording session overall. Greyson Chance was great and it was certainly very interesting for me to watch him again. I can quite literally hear his voice change since the last time I saw him perform.

MTV Sessions with Greyson Chance © MTV Asia/Lee Lay Na
MTV Sessions with Greyson Chance © MTV Asia/Lee Lay Na

Between songs, Greyson was sharing stories about is new puppy (Whiskey?), reading fan banners and chatting to the lucky few fans at the front.

Also, there was a point between the song recordings where the fans started chanting to get Greyson Chance to try to dance the Gangnam Style. LOL!! Greyson’s reaction was so funny!!

Here are the songs he performed that night:

  • Waiting Outside the Line
  • Leila
  • You Might be the One
  • Unfriend You
  • Crazy (cover of Gnarls Barkley)
  • California Sky
  • Take My Heart
  • Human Nature (cover of Michael Jackson)
  • Sunshine & City Lights

MTV Sessions with Greyson Chance premieres on MTV Asia on 1 December 2012 at 6.00 pm (SG/PH/HK).

And here are the other awesome photos from recording session. Enjoy!

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