Seoul Adventure: A-Prince at MusicPlus10 Open Studio Event at WAV, Seoul 2013

I am not very good at saying “no” to seeing A-Prince. LOL. I was actually at Mouse Rabbit seeing Yesung before I headed down to WAV Club to see A-Prince.

I was actually a little reluctant to leave Mouse Rabbit when Yesung was there but @Dongho_Princess wanted to see A-Prince and she was like, “Don’t you want to see your babies?” Shit. Got me right there. Haha.

I must also thank @Lyddish for tipping me off of the MusisPlus 10 Open Studio event in the first place. Big thanks for helping to translate the directions and event details as I was out and about at that point in time.

Fortunately, as we were at Trick Eye Museum earlier in the day, I had my DSLR with me. LUCKY, LUCKY, LUCKY!! Otherwise I would have only had my iPhone for a camera and you guys don’t have lovely photos of my A-Prince kiddos to look at. Kekeke.

When we got there, we actually didn’t know how we could get in; ie, if it was a free event or do we need to rsvp or whatnot. So in my crap Korean, I asked if we could enter the place with the “it is a free for all event” assumption. The dude at the door probably didn’t realise that we were talking about the MusicPlus 10 open studio event and told us that there was a 10,000 won entrance free.

So while we were standing at the door trying to decide if it was right that it was 10,000 won to go into an open studio event and then some dude actually came out and told us to come in. Haha. So viola, we got a wristband and went in.

Obviously the whole event was in Korean and I had absolutely no idea what was going on. Hahaha. So we just found a sofa to sit down until A-Prince came on stage.

A-Prince at MusicPlus 10 open studio event

A-Prince started with a performance of “I Love You”, did a small interview/chat thing and then ended their appearance with “Mambo”. I have no idea what they said in between sorry. I also only remember Siyoon and Woobin were made to do gwiyomi player and Minhyuk did some rap solo.

A-Prince at MusicPlus 10 open studio event

Truth is, the lighting was absolute SHIT inside WAV Club and I thought the lighting at JCube during the A-Prince fan party in August 2013 was bad. WAV Club was at least 10 times worse in terms of lighting and it was so dark inside that practically all my photos were black and I can’t really make out the facial features of the A-prince boys. It was really, really, really bad.

Even the A-Prince staff kinda gave up taking photos after a while. LOL. I took photos for the first 10-15 mins or so of their appearance and gave up after that too. And just so you know, I photoshopped all the photos like hell to make them look decent as you see in this blog post.

So yeah, these photos are probably the most extensive and decent collection of photos of A-Prince at the MusicPlus 10 open studio event that you’ll find on the internet. Enjoy yourselves. 🙂

에이프린스: Photoshop를 정말 대단하지요? ^^ 1주년 콘서트를 준비하기를 화이팅! 누나는 갈 수 없어서 멀리에서 응원해줄게요. 사랑해! <3

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