One Ok Rock Ambitions Asia Tour 2018 Singapore Post Mortem

One Ok Rock "Ambitions Asia Tour" 2018
One Ok Rock “Ambitions Asia Tour” 2018

One Ok Rock returned to Singapore for a concert on their Ambitions Asia Tour 2018 on 20 January 2018 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. I managed to catch a date on the Japan leg of the Ambition Tour and I just had to relive the concert all over again in Singapore.

One Ok Rock "Ambitions Asia Tour" 2018
One Ok Rock “Ambitions Asia Tour” 2018

I arrived at the venue just as they opened the doors for entry as I wanted to chill at the back of the standing pen to avoid being squashed. As luck would have it, I still somehow ended up near the barricade at the front to the right of the stage where my favourite member, Toru was standing. #fate Toru looks so beautiful and flawless up close!

One Ok Rock "Ambitions Asia Tour" 2018
One Ok Rock “Ambitions Asia Tour” 2018

Taka never fails to amaze me with the amount of energy he has on stage. I was jumping along to every single one of their songs and it was just awesome!!

When they performed my favourite song “Wherever You Are”, the whole stadium turned on the light on their mobile phones and created a sea of lights as they sang along. It was just so beautiful.

Concert set list:

  1. Ambitions –Introduction–
  2. Bombs Away
  3. Deeper Deeper
  4. Taking Off
  5. Cry Out
  6. Re:make
  7. Clock Strikes
  8. Bedroom Warfare
  9. Wherever You Are
  10. One Way Ticket
  11. (Instrumental)
  12. Bon Voyage
  13. I Was King
  14. Take What You Want
  15. The Beginning
  16. Mighty Long Fall
  17. We are
  18. ENCORE: American Girls
  19. ENCORE: Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer

I cannot believe that the concert is over and I’m still craving for more One Ok Rock when it ended One Ok Rock is really awesome live and I do recommend that you try to attend their concert at least once in your life. So worth it!

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