I Love 90s Concert in Singapore 2018 Post Mortem

I Love 90s Concert

The “I Love 90s Concert” on 10 March 2018 at The Star Theatre that featured 90s pop idols 911, S Club and Five. This concert was on the same day as the Shane Filan one at The Coliseum in Sentosa but contrary to popular belief, I did not attend the Shane Filan one.

To be honest, I’ve watched Westlife in concert a couple of times but not 911, S Club nor Five. So no way I’m going to give up watching 911, S Club or Five for Shane Filan. Sorry. #notsorry Besides, I just saw Shane Filan a few weeks ago and I’ve bought my tickets to this concert way before the Shane Filan gig was announced so… *shrug*

Five @ I Love 90s Concert
Five @ I Love 90s Concert

Five took to the stage first at 8.15pm (SG) and their set list looks like this:

  1. We Will Rock You
  2. Slam Dunk (Da Funk)
  3. Let’s Dance
  4. Got The Feelin’
  5. Until The Time Is Through
  6. When The Lights Go Out
  7. Don’t Wanna Let You Go
  8. If Ya Gettin’ Down
  9. Everybody Get Up
  10. Keep On Movin’

Their 45 minutes set passed by in such a blur. It totally doesn’t feel like it was long enough. And I didn’t even realise that they performed 10 songs. It just wasn’t enough!! I need more. *cries* They didn’t sing “Closer To Me” as well!! Come back!!!

You know, I was so in love with Five at one point in time. (Yes, there was such a time before Super Junior.) My favourite member was J and I probably first learnt about heartbreak when J walked out of Five and how they subsequently kinda disbanded. I was devastated.

To be honest, when Sean, Rich and Scott took to the stage that night, it still kinda hurts to not see J there with them. 😢 I hope he is happy and healthy.

S Club @ I Love 90s Concert
S Club @ I Love 90s Concert

S Club was up next and they came on stage just before 9.00 pm (SG).

S Club set list:

  1. S Club Party
  2. You’re My Number 1
  3. Bring It All Back
  4. Stronger
  5. Never Had A Dream Come True
  6. Two In A Million
  7. Have You Ever
  8. Don’t Stop Movin’
  9. Reach

Jo’s voice is flawless and just AMAZING!!! It was such a rush to hear her powerful vocals live. Just wow!

And all the feels when all the lyrics to all the S Club songs came flooding back after so many years. Time just flew by in S Club’s 40 minutes set. I felt like such a kid again.

The 90s were really the best. Not that I’m biased or anything but back in the 90s, we didn’t have no terrorism shit like we have today. What I’d do to go back to such a time. I’m even willing to revert to using dial up internet!

911 @ I Love 90s Concert
911 @ I Love 90s Concert

When I bought tickets to this concert, I bought it for Five. However, when 911 came on stage at around 9.40 pm (SG), I had no idea that I love them so much as well; I knew every song.

911 set list:

  1. Party People… Friday Night
  2. Don’t Make Me Wait
  3. A Night To Remember
  4. All I Want Is You
  5. Love Sensation
  6. I Do
  7. More Than A Woman
  8. A Little Bit More
  9. Medley: The Swing / Can’t Stop / Rhythm Of The Night
  10. The Journey
  11. The Day We Find Love
  12. Bodyshakin’

That moment when “A Little Bit More” came on, I literally started screaming as I really, really, really, really, really like this song very much!

It’s quite funny given how I used to favour other groups over 911. I like 911’s songs but they were never a group that I really love to death like with Five and A1. So I was surprised with my own reaction of how excited I was over 911 during the concert. LOL. My friend who used to love 911 a lot would be proud.

While I must admit that I’ve gotten used to the Kpop snazzy dance moves and visual entertainment and at the beginning of the concert, I did think that the stage was a bit plain, all the stage costumes were so simple/casual and how they were just playing a backing track and all. Half a song in with Five, none of that mattered any more. It was just so nice to think that I was indeed back in the 90s when the world was a more sane place.

Reality sank back in when the concert ended at 10.45 pm (SG) or so. Even though I had the VIP ticket with the meet & greet with S Club and 911, there was still this nice and fuzzy feeling that I would finally get to meet Jo, Tina, Bradley of S Club and Lee, Jimmy and Spike of 911 in person.

The meet & greet was just a quick group photo and I mostly just shook my hands with all of them as I walked in; there really wasn’t time for much else. Also, I was quite surprised by how tiny the members of 911 are and how all 6 of them do look pretty much the same from back then.

I don’t know if this I Love 90s Concert will ever become a series like Retrolicious but it would be nice if there were a couple of rounds. I’d so go if Steps was in the line up and here’s hoping!!

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