4 Ways to Have Fun At Home When Concerts Are Cancelled

With pretty much everything shut down due to the pandemic, it is still possible to find alternative ways to stay entertained at home. It’s not only good to be positive, it also helps you to stay sane amid all the chaos and strange things happening out there.

With that in mind, here are four ways to be entertained and have fun at home now that you can’t go to that concert or movie premiere:

#1: Become a couch potato – TV entertainment

Couch Potato

If there was a time to be able to sit in front of your TV for hours without feeling guilty or lazy, it is now. It’s a good thing even, since you are protecting yourself and your loved ones from potentially contracting Covid-19 from outside.

This is a great opportunity to binge-watch and catch up on those shows that everyone is talking about. Like do you know there is a documentary about competitive tickling? You can watch it and many other interesting shows on Netflix all day long.

There are definitely more than enough shows out there that you can stream to last you more than a lifetime. However, some of the best shows and documentaries are restricted to certain locations. Fret not, a simple VPN download on your device can help you get around some of those restrictions and let you watch any show you want wherever, whenever.

While there aren’t as many new albums and music videos being released at this time, there are probably a tonne of previous releases that you might have missed in your busy life. Now is the time to dig into music platforms such as Pandora and Spotify and create your ultimate playlist for all occasions, moods and seasons.

#2: Attend virtual shows

Virtual Party

With everything cancelled and people staying at home, your favourite celebrities and performers are now just a tap away on your internet devices.

There are many free live performances being streamed and broadcast to anyone who wants to keep themselves entertained at home. The entertainment industry has moved online with virtual performances scheduled every other day.

Some of the biggest names that have done live performances or have something upcoming lined up includes Lady Gaga, David Guetta and Usher to name a few. Some have even taken it a step further and done live collaborative performances on Instagram and Facebook live.

#3: Stream concert replays online

While you can’t attend a live concert in person and feel the atmosphere, it does not mean that you can’t still enjoy watching your favourite performers on stage. There are also plenty of concert replays on video sites like YouTube, Vimeo and Netflix. Take this time to enjoy some of the most electric performances from the past, such as Michael Jackson’s 1997 Munich show.

Concert replays are a fun and engaging way to experience the best musicians and performers in a live atmosphere. It’s an access to watch a live show which you had not been able to attend; or re-living the memories and nostalgia of a concert that you have previously attended.

#4: Catch up on gossip, trends and past interviews

Diving Into The Internet

Despite all the cancellations and lockdowns going on, there are plenty of exciting gossip and stories to keep you entertained and updated. This is a good time to connect with your friends and discuss about what the celebrities have been up to. Interestingly, the lack of shows and performances hasn’t stopped the scandals and gossip mills from spinning!

At the same time, you might find it strangely satisfying to dig up that old copy of GQ, OK! or any other celebrity magazine and re-read them. You’ll be surprised at how much you might have missed the first time.

Final words

There are still plenty of online content (both old and new) to keep you entertained as you enjoy and stay safe at home. With everything cancelled for the foreseeable future, you are totally justified to kick back and be entertained without feeling guilty about it!

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