Beyond The Super Show 2020 Post Mortem

I watched a couple of live performances over the Internet during the Singapore version of lockdown called “Circuit Breaker”. And it certainly wasn’t the same as watching a live performance in person. It was still enjoyable, don’t get me wrong, but it’s just not the same.

So when Super Junior announced that they would be doing a live concert as part of the “SM Beyond Live” series which promises a lot of she-bangs, I had mixed feelings. On one hand, it’s Super Junior! On the other hand, I had other concerns. Like what if the stream breaks? Or if my family interrupts to ask me to do something? Wasn’t it going to be awkward that I cannot shout at the screen to call Oppas?

Regardless, I would never miss anything Super Junior related if I can help it, especially if it’s a live performance. I was willing to take a reduced experience rather than no content.

The Set Up

So come D-Day, I kept stressing to my family that this is a PAID livestream concert so they should not expect that I would pause anything or walk away from the screen.

Beyond The Super Show
Beyond The Super Show

It was actually pretty damn cool that we could synchronise the light stick via the V Live app so the light would change colour like at the concert. I really loved this part of the livestream experience, it definitely helps to add to the mood. I was holding on to the light stick initially but after a while, it felt ridiculous so I just left it on the table in front of the iPad like the photo above.

[Not an Ad/Endorsement] Also, I must add that I’m really glad that I bought the new 12.9″ iPad Pro 2020 earlier this year. This iPad has phenomenal speakers and the Retina Display screen made this concert viewing very pleasurable.

The Live Show

Beyond The Super Show
Beyond The Super Show

The show started with “Superman” and the members looking like the Kings that they are. 8 years since they used this song as an opening performance at Super Show 4, this is still the best and most powerful intro ever. I definitely miss doing the fan chants for this. T.T No doubt that I was doing fan chants in my head but that feeling when the entire arena goes “THE LAST MAN STANDING”; it’s just not replaceable.

Augmented Reality

Beyond The Super Show
Beyond The Super Show

The live performance also included AR elements and 12m giant Siwon was hilarious. I definitely miss all the ridiculous things that the Super Junior members do (intentional or not) when they are on stage when the camera is not focusing on them.

Special Guest

Beyond The Super Show
Beyond The Super Show

TVXQ Max Changmin was the special guest of Super Junior’s Beyond Live performance. It’s well known to the fans that Changmin covets to be a member of Super Junior. In fact, whenever Changmin is around the members of Super Junior, he becomes one of them, much to the annoyance of his fellow TVXQ member, U-Know Yunho.

Also, since Beyond The Super Show is a livestreamed concert and everyone is watching it from home, Super Junior has announced earlier that the dress code for the concert is: barefoot. As you can see from the photo above, secret SJ member Changmin has faithfully adhered to the dress code. That segment was super funny because many other fans on video had also put their foot to the camera to show that they conformed to the dress code.

What I Liked

No Ticketing War

I liked the fact that I did not need to stress about getting a ticket to the show. It was such a breeze to click on the link to know that I’m guaranteed a ticket to watch this performance.

Cheaper Ticket Price & Lower Overall Expenditure

This is self-explanatory. LOL.

Convenience and Comfort

It was really convenient and I could wear/sit wherever I want at home to watch this live performance.

No Security Guards To Stop Me From Taking Fancams

Yes, I still did take fancams of the iPad screen during the live performance. I still want/need to post on social media right? V Live/SM Entertainment has blocked off the screen recording and screenshot function so the only way was to use my phone to record the iPad screen. LOL. It’s ridiculous, yes, but I still needed to post on social media so whatever.

And that said, I’m at home; so there is no security guard who can stop me or suddenly lunge over to catch somebody near me who is secretly taking photos with their DSLR.

Two Device Streaming Option

I liked that they allowed you to stream the concert on 2 device simultaneously. It’s mostly because they have the main camera mode and the individual camera mode. I tried to do that and couldn’t concentrate on both so I gave up and just mostly watched from the main camera.

This is actually something better than being there in person because you usually do not know where to look coz there’s so many of them running in so many different directions.

What I Did Not Like

Collective Atmosphere Is Missing

It’s always magical to be there in person; especially when 10,000 strangers react in unison like we’re one. It is that atmosphere makes the hassle of travelling to a concert venue (locally or overseas) worth the effort.

Even though there were fans on video and audio to provide reactions during this livestream, it was awkward and absolutely not the same.

Short Duration Before Concert Starts To Make Sure Livestream Devices Was Working

The livestream started only 30 minutes before the actual live performance. I had planned to watch the live concert from my Smart TV using my iPad as the second device. Unfortunately, the livestream does not work with my Smart TV and I had to have a change my set up at the last minute. Cue panic attack.

Fortunately, I’m tech-savvy enough to sort it all out within 15~20 minutes. However, a bit more time (45~60 minutes perhaps) for people to log in and test their streaming devices would be great.

Lack of Fan Interaction

Super Junior are known to be Kings of Fan Service as well. At a live performance, they would usually interact with fans but it’s not possible with a livestream concert. They talked about it briefly during one of the ments as well.

Beyond that, off stage, we fans also interact among ourselves. Like when we are in a queue or in the audience waiting for the show to begin, we talk to each other and become friends. We arrived as strangers and left as friends to go have dinner/supper together after the show. This is one of the fun things about attending a concert in person. I have made so many friends over the years like that. LOL. You guys know who you are.

Final Thoughts

I must say that I did enjoy the livestream concert much more than I expected. I would still prefer to attend a concert in person even though it is costly, time consuming and very tiring. The experience and journey makes it all worth it.

I certainly understand the gravity of the pandemic and that we could possibly never be able to have a standing pen/moshpit every again but I do hope that the day where we can at least be a seated member of the audience again would come soon.

As always, wash your hands thoroughly, wear a mask if you need to go outside and stay at home as much a possible in the meantime.

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