Lee Byung Hun at the Larry Crowne premiere in Singapore

Lee Byung Hun was in town to grace the red carpet for Larry Crowne. Hordes of his fans showed up to see their idol of coz.

Lee Byung Hun doing press

While we were asking him for an autograph, a bunch of fans suddenly surged from behind and the barricade nearly fell over! A crew quickly ran over and pushed the barricades so that it doesn’t fall over and no one will get hurt.

However, because of this incident, Lee Byung Hun had to quickly move on the red carpet to prevent more fans from surging over.

People, you need to calm down. The more you get rowdy, the less your idols are going to stop for you because they are concerned for everyone’s safety.

Anyway, here’s what his autograph looks like:

Lee Byung Hun's autograph

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