Tanya Chua to perform at the Straits Times Appreciates Readers Concert

So, it’s just been announced that home girl Tanya Chua is the replacement act for Jason Derulo at the Straits Times Appreciates Readers (STAR) concert.

This makes 4 Minute the headliner now. So the artist line up is as follows:

  • 4 Minute
  • Boys Like Girls
  • Tanya Chua
  • Taufik Bautista
  • Hardy Mirza
  • Rit Xu
  • Amni Musfirah
  • Sophia Joe

NOTE: The headlining acts will perform for about 45 minutes. ** Thanks to Shermaine who commented about how each acts performing for 45 minutes doesn’t add up.

Tickets are priced at SGD 67 if you are a Straits Times subscriber. For the rest of you, it is SGD 75.

The tickets also entitle you to a private sundown party in August at the Universal Studios Singapore in Resorts World Sentosa. You get to enjoy all the rides and get a goodie bag. Don’t think the entrance fee to Sentosa is included.

Tickets can bought over the phone by calling 6319-2368 / 6319-2087, or by e-mailing: csd@sph.com.sg.

You can also go to www.starevent.sg for more details.

5 thoughts on “Tanya Chua to perform at the Straits Times Appreciates Readers Concert

    1. no idea. but i’d guess that they’ll be on the same or similar set list for their tour.

  1. Hey. If all acts perform for about 45 mins, it’ll be like 6 hours long? or does the Taufik Bautista, Hardy Mirza, Rit Xu, Amni Musfirah and Sophia Joe perform 45 mins in total?

    1. i think they meant that tanya, boys like girls and 4minute will do 45 mins each. the rest will do a couple of songs? they weren’t that clear when they left that comment. but i’ll make thingd clearer. thanks for pointing it out. 🙂

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