Introducing: In Each Hand A Cutlass

In Each Hand A Cutlass (IEHAC) is actually an instrumental band. Yes. Seriously.

Honestly, when I first heard about IEHAC through a friend, I thought it was a little weird to have a rock band which just plays rock music with no vocals. I couldn’t really put my head around the idea and concept.

Still, I gave the band a listen because I was curious about the sound and I know some of the people in the band; ie, Daniel Sassoon + Amanda Ling from their Electrico days.

After I listened to their album, I must say that it is awesome! Some of the tracks would have fitted in quite nicely in a Transformers or Bourne OST. You can listen to their album here and tell me if I’m wrong:

In Each Hand A Cutlass (IEHAC) is an instrumental band from Singapore consisting of Daniel Sassoon on guitar, Amanda Ling on Keyboard/DJ, Jordan Cheng on drums and Nelson Tan on bass. Sujin Thomas joins them on guitars for live shows.

IEHAC will next play at Home Club on 14 September 2012. $12 (Singapore dollars, no other fees and includes 1 drink). Show is for 18 years old and above only. Sorry kids. Here’s the flyer to the show:

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