Maroon 5 Live at the 2012 Formula 1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix Post Mortem

I am a huge fan of Maroon 5 but I must be really honest to say that their concerts has always been very underwhelming for a huge fan.

I remember going to their first ever concert in Singapore back in 2008 during their Songs About Jane era. I was sorely disappointed by that concert. Sure the music was great but it was barely an hour and they only did like 10 songs (I got the $125 tix or around that amount for that concert; felt like a major ripoff).

They kept playing super long guitar riffs for each songs which in performance terms is known as a time wasting technique to make up for their lack of repertoire. In fact, I was so disappointed by their first concert that I decided to skip their second in Singapore in 2011.

So when Maroon 5 was announced as the headliner on Saturday of the Singapore F1 I had to adjust my F1 game plan to watch them. I do like Maroon 5 a lot but their concerts are really not that worth the money (at least for the amount that we’re usually charged in Singapore).

Before I go on about the gig at the F1, here is their setlist:

  • Payphone
  • Makes Me Wonder
  • Sunday Morning
  • If I Never See Your Face Again
  • Won’t Go Home Without You
  • Harder to Breathe
  • Wake Up Call
  • One More Night (instrumental)
  • One More Night
  • This Love
  • Encore: She Will Be Loved (Acoustic)
  • Encore: medley of Don’t You Want Me and Sexyback
  • Encore: Moves Like Jagger with a touch of Gangnam Style
** NOTE: I think I missed one or two songs at the beginning and probably mixed the sequence of the songs up as well coz I was jumping and singing along.

12~13 songs in about an hour is just about right.

While this concert as part of the F1 Singapore Grand Prix is meant to be a full concert, I’m pretty sure that the Overexposed World Tour is longer than 1 hour.

I was actually a little bored with the instrumental version of “One More Night”. Yes, I get that you guys are very good guitar players but is there really a need to prove that point by doing a 3 minutes plus instrumental version of the song?

Also, Adam as usual, was being a little bitch. He didn’t interact much with the audience and a lot of what’s been said is standard stuff that he says in all the Maroon 5 concerts. It is no wonder that he “fights” with Christina Aguilera so much on The Voice; you can’t have 2 bitches in the same room without a cat fight.

The stand in member for Jesse Carmichael (who is currently on a hiatus to study), PJ Morton is actually fitting in quite well with the rest of the band. Then again, they’ve been friends for ages so I guess it works well in terms of the band’s chemistry and tightness. I definitely miss Jesse a lot. Jesse and Matt are my favourite members in Maroon 5!

Overall, Maroon 5 was very enjoyable simply because I didn’t have to pay beyond my F1 ticket price to watch this concert (I got the early bird 3 day Bay Grandstand at $208 before Sistic fees). Also, as a standalone concert, (to me) it’s probably worth about $128.

Finally, I must given a special mention to the person who made this poster… say what!! LOL. It’s pretty epic though. 🙂

Here are the rest of my photos which turned out ok. 🙂 Enjoy.

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