Kings and Queen of Comedy Asia 4 in Singapore 2013 Post Mortem

The cool people at MTV Asia/Viacom International asked me if I was interested to watch and blog (as I always would after a live show I watch) about the “Kings & Queen of Comedy Asia 4”.

Kings and Queen of Comedy Asia 4, Singapore

Honestly, I have absolutely no idea who any of them was except Kumar. Still, because there’s Kumar in the line up, I’m sold. I’m a huge fan of Kumar. He is HYSTERICAL!!

I caught the 4 October 2013 show and man, I tell you, after almost 2.5 hours or so of laughing, I was physically exhausted from all the laughing.

The show started around 9.10 pm with Jon Atherton (AU) who was emcee of the night and he was the “wubbie” as well. I like Jon Atherton. He has a pretty good grasp of the Western and Asian culture to deliver the jokes which actually works and are hilarious!! His punchlines comes fast and furious and my favourite non-R21 joke he did was the one about “Bob The Builder”.

Jon Atherton basically demonstrated the original, German, Japanese and Singaporean version of Bob The Builder theme song if there ever was one. I was in tears by the time he did the Singaporean version (in Singlish mind you) and pointed out after the (Singaporean version) theme song was done, the Bangladeshi workers will appear to complete the job. BRILLIANT!!

I like Danny Bhoy too. He is really, really FUNNY!! OMG!! It got pretty epic when he asked if there were any Americans in the audience and what they’re in Singapore for and one lady from Ohio said something like, “I came to meet you to marry my daughter.” That lady is epic as well. Hahaha.

Then came a whole bunch of ad-libbed jokes and punchlines which clearly shows you how good and naturally funny Danny Bhoy was. Excluding Kumar, I enjoyed Danny Bhoy’s set the most actually.

I don’t think I even need to tell you how funny Kumar is (if you are not Singaporean and need and idea of what Kumar is about, click here to get started). In fact, I think quite a few people in the audience attended the show just for Kumar. Like the couple who sat beside me, Kumar did his set just before the intermission and after the intermission, they never came back!

Anyway, it was totally great fun and when the show ended at about 11.50 pm. I was quite shocked by how long the whole show was. Didn’t even realise that so much time had past!

That said, big thanks to the people at MTV Asia/Viacom International once again and go support their latest offering: clips of “Saturday Night Live” (USA) shorts for your viewing pleasure (it’s FREE + legal yo!) and convenience at!

If you are interested in watching the full episodes of “Saturday Night Live”, can you do so at Singtel Mio TV channel 324 (HD), Starhub Channel 516 and 563 (HD), Starhub TV Anywhere and Toggle every saturday at 10.00 pm (SG).

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