Shane Filan February Showcase in Singapore 2018 Post Mortem

Shane Filan Showcase Singapore (February 2018)
Shane Filan Showcase Singapore (February 2018)

Shane Filan, former frontman of Westlife, was in Singapore recently for a showcase at the Esplanade Annexe Theatre on 26 February 2018.

I’ve been happily lost in the Kpop world for the last few years (7 years to be precise) and have been pretty out of what’s been going on in the English/International music and entertainment world. If @PopCultureBoy didn’t message me to tell me about this showcase, I wouldn’t even have known about it to be honest.

Shane Filan Showcase Singapore (February 2018)
Shane Filan Showcase Singapore (February 2018)

Entry to the showcase included an album which can be signed by Shane Filan after the showcase; which is pretty cool. It’s been a really long time since I last attended an autograph session of an English/International artist.

Anyway, the showcase started around 7.40 pm with a short Q&A with Shane. After about 15 ~ 20 minutes worth of Q&A, there was a short showcase where Shane sang 4.5 songs.

  1. Unbreakable
  2. My Love
  3. Beautiful in White
  4. Uptown Girl
  5. If I Let You Go <– a portion, a capella

Everyone was like, “Noooooo” after “Uptown Girl” and Shane obliged with a short a capella singalong session of “If I Let You Go”. *cries* Westlife was my first boyband love. The memories man!!

Autographed Shane Filan album
Autographed Shane Filan album

I must say that I was slightly panicking while waiting in the queue for my turn to get my album signed by Shane. What do I say?!?! What do I do?!!

I rehearsed a couple of versions of what I should say to him in my head but when it was my turn, I just blurted out, “Welcome back to Singapore Shane! It’s been too long! About 5 years!!” His response surprised me! He actually said, “4 years and 7(?) months to be precise!”

Wow!! He actually counted…? LOL.

Anyway, he will be back at The Coliseum for a solo concert on 10 March 2018. Tickets are on sale now at Sistic and you can click here to get your tickets to this concert. Have fun on my behalf since I already got tickets to another show so I won’t be able to attend this one. Next one I hope. 🙂

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