[2010.12.06] Buckingham Palace and Harrods

I actually just realised that I had forgotten to grab a tourist map when I arrived in London so I decided to head over to Selfridges to look for the tourist desk. I’m not sure why they said they were one in there but I for sure didn’t find it. I did however, had a good time looking at all the dresses inside though. Very … Continue reading [2010.12.06] Buckingham Palace and Harrods

[2010.12.05] Tron London Premiere

Didn’t plan to do much for the day actually. Was just planning to chill and that’s exactly what I did. That is until we found out that there was a premiere in Leicester Square for Tron. We weren’t too keen on going initially because it was just Jeff Bridges and Olivia Wilde. No offense to any of them but I have never been that into … Continue reading [2010.12.05] Tron London Premiere

[2010.12.04] Jingle Bell Ball!!

The Jingle Bell Ball is why I flew to London. Well, it’s because of the lineup of actually and the key line up  being McFly. I LOVE McFly and have been dying to meet them for years!! So the Jingle Bell Ball was kinda perfect for it. Anyway, we headed over to the O2 Arena for the concert. It was my first concert in UK … Continue reading [2010.12.04] Jingle Bell Ball!!